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Introduction to Co-Working spaces

‘Co-Working Spaces’ The term sounds new right? Especially when we are used to listening to words like offices and cabins! This term is not new, but something that has suddenly popped up into our lives owing to the recent crisis that we all are facing. Since the onset of Covid-19 and the subsequently extending lockdowns, we all have gotten accustomed to this new trend of remote working or the work from home culture. In fact now that the restrictions of lockdown have been loosened, and the offices have been asked to run on a lowered workforce, the hunt for co-working spaces is expected to rise. Co-working spaces are hubs where employees from different companies share an office space under the same roof which leads to cost savings and the convenient use of the same facilities like joint receptionists, equipment, custodial services and infrastructure. 

Benefits of Shared Office Space in Bangalore

As rewarding the work from home culture may sound, it too has its own demerits. The biggest advantage of working from home is the absolute unencessity of dressing up in formals, and the unencessity of keeping up with the usual time protocols due to the presence of household chores. This advantage can also become the biggest disadvantage of working from home when lack of discipline starts creating lag in deadlines and relatively lowered productivity at work. This is why people prefer to work from the office rather than home. Co-working spaces have a few added benefits, let’s look at those

  • Networking Opportunities: Interacting with strangers from different backgrounds who are goal oriented and hardworking is always a great way to learn and grow. Sharing work spaces with such accomplished people provides a platform for the constructive exchange of ideas, the opportunity to be benefited from outsourcing to these people, chance to meet great thinkers & entrepreneurs and exposure to several resources that can help to grow & inspire your business.
  • Cost Efficient: Co working spaces or startup huts can be the best alternative to cutting down on your office expenses if you are planning to set up your own office. Freelancers or entrepreneurs can rid themselves off the additional expenses like utility bills, rents and the tedious job of acquiring several permissions from regulatory bodies. All you need is a laptop and the rest will be taken care of. Co-working is an economic decision for established companies too, wherein they can cut down on their canteen expenses, electricity bills- AC, transportation facilities for employees, etc. 
  • Increase in Productivity: As they say, ‘A person can be best judged by the company he keeps’, being surrounded by like minded people is surely going to give you much needed moral boost, increase your productive work hours and help you deliver better and faster results. Instead of being locked up in those stuffy offices bound by protocols and formalities, co-working spaces give you the comfort of a home along with the structured environment of a workplace.
  • Increased Well Being: Big fancy offices may look elaborate but with them comes a sense of loneliness, insecurity and a load of work pressures. It’s true that being around strangers, people who don’t judge you for who you are and those that make you feel secure without the need for being unnecessarily competitive, can sometimes be really comforting. That’s exactly what happens with startup huts too.

List of Top 15 Co-Working Spaces in Bangalore

The current pandemic situation has built on a certain level of  uncertainty of returning back to the pre lockdown life. The post lockdown phase will see a drastic shift in regular office cultures and a greater preference will be given on remote working for employees. In this scenario, the lookout for a workspace in Bangalore will be huge. Here’s presenting to you the list of co-working spaces in Bangalore that have simply all the amenities needed to provide you with a perfect work space.

1. WeWork

This is one of the best co-working spaces in Bangalore, that has those typical formal confined workspaces to elaborate social work environments. Depending on the number of employees you need to staff, this place has customised provisions for each and can host a total workforce capacity of more than 500 employees. The WeWork pricing also falls under the affordable category.

  • Location- Hebbal, Domlur, Bellandur, Koramangala, Arekere, Bangalore CBD, Old Madras Road
  • Pricing – Individual Hot Desks- Rs.6K-8K/month; Private office spaces- Rs. 19K-20.5K/mont
  • Special Features – Eco-friendly, Bicycle parking space, High speed internet WiFi, Private phone booths with tele-conferencing facility
  • Timing – 9am-6pm
  • Capacity – 500+
  • Contact No1800123365365
  • WebsiteLink
  • Email IDForm

2. Commune Coworks

Commune coworks can easily be classified as one of the most affordable co-working spaces in Bangalore. This is a shared office space in Bangalore that provides a dedicated space for a workshop, shaded terrace and an elaborate studio for stimulating your creativity and productivity. 

  • Location- Koramangala
  • Pricing- Individual Hot Desks- Rs. 8K/month; Private cabins- Rs. 13K/month; Dedicated desks- Rs. 12K/month
  • Special Features- Conference room with projectors, Personal lockers, Community memberships, Event spaces, CCTV with 24*7 security, Training rooms, Fully equipped kitchen, Centralised Air conditioning
  • Time- 9am-9pm
  • Capacity- NA
  • Contact No- 8880500175
  • WebsiteLink
  • Email ID- [email protected]

3. Innov8 Coworking

This coworking space in Bangalore, creates the perfect youthful and vibrant ambience that tends to appeal freelancers and budding entrepreneurs. This place makes sure to instigate your creative thoughts, promotes brainstorming sessions and provides flexibility in working hours.

  • Location- Koramangala
  • Pricing- Fixed desk- Rs. 10,599/month; Meeting room- Rs.800/hr; Hot desk- Rs. 8,699/month; Private Cabin- Rs. 12,499/month; Multi-utility space- Rs.2K/hr, Flexipass (flexible working hours)- Rs. 3,999/month 
  • Special Features- Laundry, Conference rooms, Event spaces, Car care, Courier & delivery, Health insurance, Finance & legal advisory, Storage & LAN Solutions, F&B Subscriptions, Business Office Registrations (value added services subject to membership)
  • Time- 9am-10pm
  • Capacity- NA
  • Contact No- 9999466688
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- [email protected]

4. Kafnu

Kafnu, is an extremely popular shared office space in Bangalore. It is designed intuitively keeping in mind the enthusiasts who wish to set up their own office space someday. It creates a collaborative environment for OPCs and promotes networking. This is one of those startup huts that is not only visually appealing but also provides excellent quality tech support to its visitors.

  • Location- Residency Road
  • Pricing- Individual Desks- Rs. 11.5-12K/month; Exclusive studio- Rs. 25k
  • Special Features- Event Space (full wall sized projection screen), Pay-as-you-go meeting rooms (state of the art, tech forward rooms with industrial biophilic design), Morsel (desk dining facility inspired by regional cuisine), Private office (with imported wall panels for flexibility and sound insulation) 
  • Time-  Morsel (9am-11pm); Office time- open 24hrs
  • Capacity- Private office (2-6 members), Meeting rooms (4-10 members)
  • Contact No- 9611143322
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- [email protected] 

5. Workshaala

When you are thinking of the perfect location that could house your large staff and yet not hamper their productive hours, Workshaala is your place! This coworking space in Bangalore that is ideally placed in the heart of the city, has greater seating capacity and provides the perfect amenities necessary for an effective brainstorming session.

  • Location- HSR Layout, Koramangala, Outer Ring Road, Indiranagar, Banaswadi, Central Business District
  • Pricing- Hot Desks starts Rs.5,999
  • Special Features- Event Space, Virtual Office, Meeting Rooms, Manager Cabins and Private Cabins, Office support 
  • Time-  8am-8pm
  • Capacity- NA
  • Contact No- 9916440700/ 9916444875
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- [email protected]


6. Indiqube

Indiqube can undoubtedly be considered as one of the best coworking spaces in Bangalore, for it comes with pre-furnished offices, artistic colour schemes for cabinets and high speed internet connectivity. This co-working space in Bangalore has the perfect environment for giving you the space and peace of mind for letting your creative juices flow without letting your tummy go empty.

  • Location- Koramangala, Kodigehalli Main Road
  • Pricing- Dedicated desks- Starts Rs. 6.5K/month
  • Special Features- Event Space, Conference Room/Boardroom, Qube cafe, Get access to Miqube app that permits ordering food from nearby kiosks or booking transport.
  • Time-  Open 24hrs
  • Capacity- Board room (16 seats), Event space (250 seats), Training room (35 seats), 
  • Contact No- 7349282552
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- Form

7. Mynt Works

This coworking space in Bangalore ensures that you never feel lonely amidst the crowd. It creates the perfect atmosphere for interactive discussions and exchange of ideas. With its affordable pricing schemes and a fully functional kitchen, this place provides you the liberty to experiment with your thoughts, gives you freedom and comfort of a work from home culture and relieves you off of any type of financial burden.

  • Location- Nagarabhavi
  • Pricing- Hot desk- Rs. 2,950/month; Dedicated desk- Rs. 3,550/month; Private office for 2- Rs. 7,550/month; for 4- Rs.14,950/month; for 6- Rs. 21,300/month; 10 day pass- Rs. 1,950/month; Day pass- Rs.330/month
  • Special Features- 24*7 security surveillance, free unlimited tea & coffee vending machine, UPS backup, business class printer, parking space, technology consulting, door access card, full fledge kitchen with microwave, fridge and some essential cookware, high speed internet, fresh drinking water and clean toilets
  • Time-  9am-6pm
  • Capacity- Open desk (16 seats), Private office (2,4,6 seats based on demand)
  • Contact No- 9483545428
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- [email protected] 

8. Startup Huts

Startup huts, as the name suggests are creative and intuitive spaces solely meant for people who have the courage to chase their skills in search for perfection. This is one of those co-working spaces in Bangalore that not only helps you incubate your startup idea, but also provides you spacious offices & mentorship to set up your company and see it prosper.

  • Location- HSR Layout (Sector 1 and 2), Residency Road, 
  • Pricing- Based on three packages- Dedicated co-workspace (Rs.5k/month/seat); Dedicated cabin space (Rs.6K/month/seat) and Flexible co-workspace (Rs.350/day/seat)
  • Special Features- Incubation & mentorship, power supply backup, Air-conditioned office, housekeeping staff and cafeteria services, Conference and discussion rooms
  • Time-  Open 24hrs
  • Capacity- NA
  • Contact No- 9663003001/9663003007
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- [email protected]


9.  91SpringBoard

Creatively and uniquely designed workspace in Bangalore, that is well priced and easily affordable. It also houses an exquisite gaming and chilling zone for all your typical short breaks between work. Enabled with the latest cutting edge technology, this place has all the features to become your own private office.

  • Location- Mahadevapura, Koramangala, Indira Nagar, JP Nagar, MG Road, 
  • Pricing- Private cabin- Rs.9.5K/month, Hot desks- Starts Rs.6.5K/month
  • Special Features- Virtual office with postal mail facility, Tech enabled meeting rooms, Gaming and Chilling zone,  
  • Time-  NA
  • Capacity- Private Cabin (9 seats)
  • Contact No- 08047489191
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- [email protected] 

10. Awfis

Awfis is a company that provides shared office space services in Bangalore and has its coworking spaces set up across several localities within Bangalore. The offices based on the seating capacity, location and amenities availed come with a wide ranged pricing scheme. The ambience in these work spaces is perfect for trivial brainstorming sessions, meetings and discussions.

  • Location- Koramangala, Hebbal, Hosur road, Lavelle Road, MG Road, St. Marks Road, Residency Road, Whitefield, ORR
  • Pricing- Flexible seats- between Rs. 300-500/day; Cabins- between Rs. 9K- 12,32,500/month; Meeting room- between Rs. 400-750/day
  • Special Features- Mentor, lounge, tea & coffee, Conference, parking, courier, storage facility, printers, projectors and IVR 
  • Time-  NA
  • Capacity- Private room (1 seat). Meeting room (8 seats), Open Desk (32 seats)
  • Contact No- 18602586633
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID[email protected]

11. Workafella

Workafella is a coworking space in Bangalore that has assured high speed internet connectivity, Wifi and unlimited telephone calling service. It is also one of the few shared offices that is open 24*7 all throughout. Surrounded with an excellent ambience, this can easily be recognised as one of the peoples’ favourite. 

  • Location- Infantry Road
  • Pricing- Individual Desks- Rs.10K/month
  • Special Features- Virtual office, Custom office, business end-to-end services, yoga studio, lounge, unlimited telephone and internet services, 
  • Time-  Open 24hrs
  • Capacity- NA
  • Contact No- 18004199807
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- [email protected]


12. Insta Squares

Insta Squares is a shared office space in Bangalore that follows the principle of remote working. It provides virtual office spaces to lessen the burden of your local commutation, increase your productivity and promote your intellectual thinking, skills and ideas. It comes with affordable pricing and with just the perfect facilities needed to set up your own structured office space.

  • Location- Jayanagar
  • Pricing- Open Desk- Starts Rs.500/day or Rs.3,500/month; Private room- Starts Rs.17.5K/month; Meeting room- Starts Rs.2900/ day
  • Special Features-  Virtual Office, Event Space, Meeting rooms, Conference rooms, Private/Team Cabins, Changing rooms, Flexible connectivity of other public transport, lockers
  • Time-  NA
  • Capacity- Private room (4 seats), Meeting room (3,8 or 10 seats), Open Desk (8,10 or 15 seats)
  • Contact No- 9916499990/ Whatsapp- 9901307850
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- [email protected] 

13. Raikar Consulting

The JP Nagar area in Bangalore also provides co-working spaces for professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs. These workspaces in Bangalore are basically privately owned small office setups that are not technically registered under any company. Being replicas of an actual workspace, they provide the exact amount of furniture and basic amenities needed to set up an office and work in a professional environment.

  • Location- JP Nagar
  • Pricing- Open Desk- Rs.3,900/month; Private room- Rs.8K/month; Meeting room- Starts Rs.15K/month
  • Special Features-  WiFi, Pantry, whiteboard, Power backup, Locker, Projector, Two and four wheeler parking, Printer/Scanner
  • Time-  9am-9pm
  • Capacity- Private room (1 seat). Meeting room (8 seats), Open Desk (32 seats)
  • Contact No- +919741755238
  • Website – Link
  • Email ID- [email protected]

14. Evoma

It is again one of those affordably priced shared office spaces in Bangalore. It can be classified as one of the most economical coworking spaces in Bangalore, for it is set up in a locality close to several big companies. It initiates the platform for networking, learning new ideas and working towards a goal driven project.

  • Location- Marathahalli
  • Pricing- NA
  • Special Features- WiFi, whiteboard, Power backup, Locker, Projector, Two and four wheeler parking, Printer/Scanner
  • Time-  9am – 9pm
  • Capacity- NA
  • Contact No- 08041903000
  • Website- Link
  • Email ID- [email protected]

15. Giga364

One of the most cheaper and easily affordable coworking spaces in Bangalore. Giga364, comes with the perfect facilities needed to set up a miniature version of a basic office. This place is always booked with creative professionals and enthusiasts that are filled with vibrant energies and determination. This place can easily inspire you and motivate you to achieve all your goals.

  • Location- Rajaji Nagar
  • Pricing- Open Desks- Rs.4K/month; Meeting Room- Rs. 800/day
  • Special Features- WiFi and LAN connection, Pantry, whiteboard, Power backup, Locker, Projector, Two and four wheeler parking, Printer/Scanner
  • Time-  Open 24 hours
  • Capacity- Open Desk (55 seats), Meeting room (10 seats)
  • Contact No- NA
  • Website – NA
  • Email ID- NA

Summing up the list of shared office spaces in Bangalore

Now that we know how exciting and at the same time inspiring this co-working culture truly is, it is also necessary to understand some of the important factors that help you select a good shared office space for all your endeavours. Mentioned above is a list of the top 15 co-working spaces in Bangalore, some of which can be easily regarded as a few of the top co-working spaces in India. 

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Co-Working Space in Bangalore

  1. The right community to build your contacts
  2. Financially feasible in terms of its pricing
  3. Good value added services and sound technical amenities
  4. Prime & accessible location

With these points in mind you can easily set up the office of your dreams and within your budget.

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