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Big Data Analytics Agencies In Hyderabad 2024


Hyderabad is a city that evokes the grandeur of Nawabi culture, where tradition infuses with modernity. The old epithets like the  “City Of Pearls” and “City Of Nizams” will have to give away to the modern epithets like “Cyberabad” and “Happening Hyderabad”

From a laid back city, it now has more potential as it is equipped with infrastructure to deal with the development and growth of new and emerging industries. With these developments, Hyderabad is now set to become the next big industrial phenomenon of the country.

Data Analytics in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a place where all kinds of MNCs are found. Combination of these firms makes this city a right place for data analytics companies along with that we can find a good number of educational initiatives related with the same industry. Data analytics companies are helping & changing the way of doing business in the city as they’re fueled with better & precise data points which saves their time, cost and increases the efficiency of their business. Hyderabad is growing with Data analytics companies in a big way.

1. SG Analytics Founded – 2006

SG Analytics is a leading Big Data and Analytics firm in Pune. It offers combined research and analytics services. They leverage vast experience across knowledge processing disciplines, including Investment Research, Market Research, and Analytics along with innovative technologies to deliver high-end solutions to their global clients. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Pune, the firm provides services like Data Analytics, Customer Analytics, Sales Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Investment Research, Equity Research, Market Research, Research Production & Reporting, Business Intelligence, Visualization, Dashboards, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Visual Analytics, and Operation Analytics.

  • Employees 501-1000

  • Location – Pune, London & New York

  • Services – Business Analytics , Data Aggregation & Management , Business Intelligence

2. Helical Tech Founded – 2012

Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is an IT company specializing in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics Services based out of Hyderabad. The firm provides services like consulting regarding selecting of correct hardware and software based on requirements, Data Warehouse Modeling and Implementation, Big Data implementation, Data Processing using Apache Spark or ETL tool, Data Analysis in the form of reports, dashboards with other features like data security, alerting and notification etc. Backed by multiple years of experience and more than 40 client implementations spanning about 13 sectors, including Fortune 500 companies, Helical is dedicated to providing quality services to its clients.

  • Employees 51-200

  • Location – Hyderabad

  • Services – Big Data & Analytics , Business Intelligence , Data Warehousing

3. Perceptive Analytics Founded – 2007

Perceptive Analytics is a fast-growing Data Analytics company with offices in New York, Miami, Dallas, San Bruno, and Hyderabad. Their business insights, dashboards, and visualizations help their clients make sense of their data quickly and take actions that increase revenues and substantially lift profits. In the last 10 years, the company has solved complex business problems for Fortune 200 companies like Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, American Century Investments and Melissa & Doug.
The firm offers services like Data Analytics, Data Mining, Statistical Analytics, Web Analytics, Visualizations, Marketing Analytics, Financial Modeling, Equity Models, Specific Decision Support Models, Valuation, Customer Value Models, and Simulations

  • Employees 11-50

  • Location – Hyderabad, New York & San Francisco

  • Services – Marketing Analytics ,Tableau Consulting , Data Visualization

4. Quadratyx Founded – 2014

Quadratyx is a globally renowned AI-powered Data Science company that helps businesses find new value from their data to make smarter, faster decisions and solve complex business problems. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Hyderabad, the firm’s hands-on team of experienced data scientists, engineers, and project managers have worked with some of the leading brands across the world to put their data to work. The firm offers services such as Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, Statistical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Data Lakes, Natural Language Processing, Prescriptive Analytics, Advanced Analytics, and Data Management.

  • Employees – 51-200

  • Location – Hyderabad, Colombia & New Jersey

  • Services -Big Data & Advanced Analytics , Cognitive Automation , Data Lakes & Data Marts

5. Virtusa Founded – 1996

Virtusa Corporation is a top Big Data Analytics and Digital Business Transformation services company that accelerates its clients’ journey to their Digital Future. Virtusa serves Global 2000 companies in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment, Travel, Manufacturing, and Technology industries. Using a combination of digital strategy, digital engineering, business implementation, and IT platform modernization services, Virtusa helps clients execute successful end-to-end digital business transformation initiatives. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Massachusetts, Virtusa has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. The firm provides services like IT Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing Services, Application Maintenance, Development, Systems Integration, Analytics, Big Data, Digital Transformation, and Digital Engineering.

  • Employees 10000+

  • Location – Mumbai, Mexico & London

  • Services – Analytics, Insights & Data , Digital Transformation , Intelligent Automation Services

6. Naviz Analytics Founded – 2014

Naviz Analytics is a top Big Data Analytics firm that lets its clients explore all data instinctively in one place. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Washington. The firm delivers Business Intelligence software for Data Visualization, Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Data Integration. With a mission to transform data into insights that help people make better decisions for greater efficiency, profitability, and developing a competitive advantage, their team of technologists, data scientists, and engineers thrives on solving hard problems and turning data into real-world impact.

  • Employees 11-50

  • Location – Hyderabad & Washington

  • Services – Data Integration & Data Visualization , Digital Farming , Integrated Sensors & API

7. Saras Analytics Founded – 2016

Saras Analytics is one of the best Big Data Analytics firms in Hyderabad. Its team of engineers, analysts, data scientists, and domain experts build products and offer services to accelerate the adoption of data as a strategic asset. Established in 2016, the firm provides services like Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Marketing Analytics, Sales Analytics, Customer Segmentation, Customer Churn Analysis, Marketing Spend Optimization, Web Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Management, Data Integration, Advanced Analytics, e-commerce, Cloud Data Pipelines, and Google Analytics. Their ETL Platform Daton and Business Intelligence and Analytics platform Halo fulfill customer requirements efficiently.

  • Employees 11-50

  • Location – Hyderabad & Massachusetts

  • Services – Business Analytics , Data Visualization & Warehousing , Business Intelligence

8. Gramener Founded – 2010

Gramener was founded in 2010 and has over 100 clients, 150 employees and 5 offices across the globe including the United States, and Singapore. Gramener’s solutions have been recommended by analysts (Gartner, Forrester) and their clients. The firm offers services like Data Driven Leadership, specifically Data Analytics, Mobility Solutions, Visual Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Storytelling, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Design and Data Visualisation. Gramener was in the Deloitte Fast 50 Tech list in 2015 and 2016 and the NASSCOM Emerge 50 awards in 2012 and 2016. They recently won Microsoft’s “Empowering Societal Progress with AI” Award for developing a salmon detection web application to save salmon species in Nisqually river, Washington.

  • Employees 201-500

  • Location – Hyderabad, New Jersey & Singapore

  • Services – Analytics , Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning , Data Visualization & Management


Data is used by data analytics organisations to generate insights and guide business decisions. To glean insights from data, they might employ statistical analysis, data mining, and machine learning. Tools for data visualisation may also be used by them to share insights with clients.

Big Data Analytics incorporates machine learning heavily. In order to find patterns and insights in huge data sets, algorithms are used. Building prediction models and making recommendations for actions based on data analysis are both possible with machine learning

SG Analytics is a top-rated Big Data Analytics company in the Hyderabad region.

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