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Best Web Development Companies In Kochi 2024

List Of Top 10 Web Development Companies In Kochi 2024

Kochi is popularly known as the ‘ Queen of the Arabian Sea’ and is one of the biggest and finest natural ports for international trade of spices. Traditionally known as Cochin, the popularity of the city of Kochi is known to have exceeded the city’s geographical boundaries and spread across different territories nationally. Similarly, for Kochi to gain international recognition, there is a pressing need for digitalization and technology to perpetuate through the walls of large companies and businesses and pave the way to a more interconnected group of businesses that intend to grow collectively into a big fish of the international market.

Web development companies in Kochi are ensuring that they create a free passage for the small as well as established businesses in the city to expand and spread their dominance into the international market. A web development company in Kochi provides services like product design and development, CakePHP, Laravel, backend and API development, strategy marketing, cloud consulting, enterprise solutions,  e-commerce development and UI/UX design. Some web development companies in Kochi have also received recognition from the renowned organization, Clutch. Therefore these web development companies in Kochi are set out to become a force to reckon with for the upcoming industries, small scale start-ups and business ventures.

1. Experion Technologies Founded – 2006

Founded in 2006, Experion Technologies is an IT technology and solutions company that has already served over 130 customers across 26 countries and has expanded beyond boundaries in around 8 different countries globally. Enterprise Software development, Product engineering, Digital Transformation and Startup IT services are some of the services offered by the company. It serves several industries across verticals including healthcare, retail, transportation and financial services.

  • Employees 501-1000

  • Location – Kochi, UK & US

  • Services – Application Services , Cognitive Computing , Web Application Development

2. Cabot Solutions Founded – 2006

Cabot has more than 13 years of industry experience, more than 700 completed projects, a decent client retention rate of 55% and big giants like Target, Microchip, Cypress, Hitachi, SAP and Acti Graph form an integral part of its clientele records. The company specializes in Cloud consulting services, Product design and development, UI/UX Design, custom healthcare solutions and QA and testing. Cabot Solutions has also been mentioned among the Top Software Developers- Clutch 2019.

  • Employees 51-200

  • Location – Kochi & Chicago

  • Services – Enterprise Mobility , Web Applications , Open Source Solutions

3. Bridge Global Founded – 2005

Founded in 2005 and based in the Netherlands, Bridge works with a simple mission- Time and distance shouldn’t stop any business from getting the right IT talents. Being fully agile, incredibly accountable, self-organized and inspiringly proactive are some of the company’s USPs and it has served across several verticals including gaming, education, travel, media, healthcare, finance, audio visual, education and e-commerce. Kents, ezy, coffee circle, Novashops, Zmarta, Health Plus living, Pacetracer and JULO are some of the successful projects executed by the company in the past.

  • Employees 51-200

  • Location – Kochi, UK & Stockholm

  • Services – Software Development , Enterprise Mobile Applications , Web Development

4. 2Base Technologies Founded – 2006

2Base Technologies has been mentioned amongst the Top Web Developers-Clutch 2019 and is a company that specializes in Web UI design, Web development, Branding and Identity, E-commerce portal and Online marketing.School beep, Virtual office, Wanderlust honeymoons, Valley spice, Madhwa vivaha and Lezzgo are some of the projects successfully executed by the company in the past. Customized business application, PHP, CakePHP, Laravel and Python application development and e-commerce development are some of the services offered by the company under the web application development domain.

  • Employees 51-200

  • Location – Kochi, Chicago & Perth

  • Services – Web Application , Mobile Application , CMS Web Development

5. Techware Founded – 2007

With names like City ride, Zyva fashions, Soteria, Synthite, Clean & Care and QueryPa as clients in its kitty, Techware Software Solutions is a company that is highly passionate about outstanding employee satisfaction and world-class customer service. Strategy, Marketing, Analytics, Design & Development are some of the services offered by the company.

  • Employees 11-50

  • Location – Kochi, Singapore & Bin Omran

  • Services – Web Services , Software Development , Android Development

6. Sayone Founded – 2011

With more than 400 completed projects and clients in 24 countries, Sayone is a fast growing IT and digital services company headquartered in India. Python, Golang and Django app development are some of the services offered by the company under the web application development domain. Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Retail are the industries that are served by the company.

  • Employees 51-200

  • Location – Kochi & California

  • Services – Android & iOS , Retail Solutions , Django

7. Align Minds Founded – 2009

Being in the business since 2009, Align Minds works by the philosophy of Speak truth, Be competent, Build trust and Think beyond. Whistle now, Balton CP group, Ivy Plex, Boxit Storage, Insider’s corp, Rodney hunt and Citizen TV web are some of its noteworthy works. The company offers a vast range of services that cover Strategy & UI/UX design, Cyber security, Enterprise software development and IT consulting.

  • Employees 51-200

  • Location – Kochi, Texas & Kenya

  • Services – UX Design , Mobile and Cloud App , Web Development

8. 2hats Logic Founded – 2012

Established in 2012 and already receiving mention in the Top Development Agencies- Clutch India 2019, 2Hats Logic is a company that only believes in the power of creative ideas and great design. UI/UX development, Staff augmentation, Laravel, Magento, NodeJS, WordPress and Shopware development are some of the specific web development services offered by the company. Big Kitchen, Lawgap, Furniche house, ThruAI, Circa Translations amongst several others are the projects executed by the company in the past.

  • Employees 11-50

  • Location – Kochi & California

  • Services – WordPress , eCommerce , Magento

9. Zartek Founded – 2017

Zartek Technologies is incubated in Kerala Startup Mission by Kochi, India and is among the 40+ startups curated by the Government run agency to promote entrepreneurship in Kerala. Web & app design, Back-end and API development, Business development strategy and Website development are some of the services offered by the company. Collabo, Saina videos, iBhoom app, Wedsoon, LearnOn and Driver logistics are some of its noteworthy works.

  • Employees 11-50

  • Location – Kochi

  • Services – Android Application , iOS Application , Website Development

10. Oorjit Founded – 2009

PCJ, Del Monte, BMW, Dun & bradstreet and Shop.com are some of its important clients and Vismay, AGMC BMW, Fangear, jPearls, Quebecattraction are some of the noteworthy projects carried out by the company in the past. Oorjit is a highly flexible and customizable customer merchant engagement platform that may be accepted to any business model. Being 100% customizable, industry agnostic, having API layers for integration and providing intelligent e-commerce recommendation engines are the exclusive features of the products and solutions developed by the company.

  • Employees 51-200

  • Location – Kochi

  • Services – B2C eCommerce Multivendor , B2B Multivendor eCommerce , Single Vendor eCommerce Platforms


Companies like Experion technologies, Cabot solutions rank when it comes to top web developers in Kochi.

The time it takes to create a website ranges between 150 and 500 hours. If you hire a technical partner to build your website, the process will be divided into stages. The phases of the project are discovery, design, development, and website improvements.

JavaScript is a high-level programming language and one of the Web’s fundamental technologies. 97.8 percent of all websites employ it as a client-side programming language.

According to a report by Research and Markets, the Indian web development market was worth USD 6.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.5% from 2021 to 2028.

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