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Best PR Agencies In Chennai 2024

List of Top PR Agencies in Chennai

Chennai or previously known as Madras, is famous for beautiful lakes and temples, the exceptionally gorgeous Marina Beach and the popular IIT. Similarly, the city is now gearing up to be one of the emerging hotspots for startups in the country. Several incubation centres set up by top institutes within the city and big companies taking a deeper interest in investing in small startups is encouraging more and more dreamers and believers to embark on this journey of actualization.

Having said that, media companies in Chennai too play a major role in helping these businesses establish their brand within the market, acquire their target customer base and expand their businesses across boundaries. With services like corporate reputation, crisis & reputation risk, branding, public relations, corporate & capital market communication and performance communication PR agencies in Chennai even help the businesses they associate with, execute their plans to mitigate the assessed and analysed risks in the subsequent quarter. Founded in 1997 and gradually having its branches spread across seven cities within the country and two cities internationally, AdFactors PR is literally the best PR agency in Chennai and has received several awards and recognitions from renowned firms like SABRE Awards Asia, PR Awards Asia, Fulcrum Awards and ET- Brand Equity Kaleido Awards. AdFactors PR along with several other PR agencies in Chennai serves numerous industries including banking & financial services, technology & telecom, education and sports.



1. Adfactors PR Founded – 1997

One of India’s largest and fastest growing PR firms, Adfactors boasts of being the youngest among its peers. Founded in 1997, the firm serves more than 300 clients spanning across 40 cities in India. It has won PR Awards Asia’s (formerly PRWeek) South Asia Agency of the Year for four consecutive years – 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 among many other reputed awards.Their expertise lies in Corporate Reputation, Capital market communication, Crisis Communication, Experiential PR and Events. Adfactors PR’s clients in India include renowned institutions such as ICICI Bank, Mahindra & Mahindra, Vodafone India, Cairn India, Citibank, Jet Airways, UAE Exchange, Wockhardt, amongst others.

  • Employees 501-1000
  • Location – Mumbai, Colombo & Dubai
  • Services – Corporate Reputation , Capital Market Communication , Crisis Communication

2. Edelman Founded – 1952

Edelman is a leading global PR firm founded in 1952 by Dan Edelman. Headquartered in New York City, the firm has operations worldwide including Canada, United States of America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Edelman’s expertise lies in Public and Media Relations, Crisis Communication, Corporate Reputation, Crisis and Reputation Risk and Performance Communication. Their impressive clientele includes Samsung, Microsoft XBox, Unilever, Shell, Johnson and Johnson, Novartis, Starbucks, Adobe, etc. Their areas of operation span across several sectors such as Energy, Health, FMCG, Retail, Real Estate, Technology, Transportation and Telecommunications among many others.

  • Employees 5001-10000
  • Location – Bangalore, Tokyo & US
  • Services – Public Relations , Performance Communication , Crisis and Reputation Risk

3. Ogilvy Founded – 1948

Part of the WPP family, Ogilvy is a global network that is deeply connected. It is also India’s largest, most awarded communications agency. Founded in 1948 by David Ogilvy, today it operates as a creative network in 132 locations across 83 countries. Highly driven by values, it has a diverse team to boast of. Ogilvy’s forte lies in Advertising, Corporate Communication, Public Relations & Public Affairs. It provides services across multiple sectors such as Technology, Consumer Goods, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Automotive, etc. The firm has an enviable clientele which includes top brands such as Dove, Ford, Kurl-on, IBM and Merill Lynch among many others.

  • Employees 10000+
  • Location – Bangalore, Gurgaon & New York
  • Services – Corporate Communication , Public Relations & Public Affairs , Branding

4. Ketchum Founded – 1923

Founded in 1923, Ketchum is a global PR firm specializing in Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Reputation Management and Branding. The firm has operations in more than 70 countries across six continents. It stands by the mantra of ‘Empathy and Intelligence’.Ketchum offers services in sectors such as Corporate, Travel & Transportation, Retail, Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Technology and Consumer Goods. Their impressive clientele features names such as Wendy’s, Clorox, Whirlpool, Pfizer, Philips, etc. The Holmes Report’s Creative Agency of the Year, Ketchum is the winner of 76 Cannes Lions and an unprecedented six PRWeek Campaign of the Year Awards.

  • Employees 1001-5000
  • Location – Bangalore, Delhi & Australia
  • Services – Corporate Communication , Public Relations , Reputation Management


Chennai is known as the hub of the Tamil film industry, and PR agencies in the city often work with film studios, production houses, and actors to promote their movies. They help their clients to build their brand image, engage with fans and stakeholders, and manage their public image.

Chennai has a unique language and culture, and PR agencies need to be sensitive to
the different cultural sensitivities of their target audience. They need to tailor their
communication strategies to effectively reach out to different communities and
ensure that the messaging is relevant and culturally appropriate.

Chennai is home to several world-class hospitals and research centers, and PR agencies in the city often work with the healthcare industry to promote medical tourism and communicate the latest advancements in healthcare. They help hospitals and research centers to build their brand image, engage with patients and stakeholders, and manage their public image.

Chennai has a vibrant education sector, and PR agencies in the city often work with schools, colleges, and universities to promote their courses and programs. They help their clients to build their brand image, engage with students and stakeholders, and manage their public image.

PR agencies in Chennai handle crisis communication by developing a comprehensive crisis management plan that includes pre-drafted statements, effective communication with stakeholders, and monitoring of social media channels. They work closely with their clients to ensure that the messaging is consistent and timely.

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