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Big Data Analytics Agencies In Bangalore 2024


Known around the world as the “Silicon Valley Of India”, Bangalore is the perfect place where businesses thrive. The fast-beating heart of India which is ranked as the most dynamic city in the world is more than just its breathtaking infrastructure and lush green gardens. It is the city where the next disruptive idea is being created.

From multi-billion dollar startups that have capitalised markets to unicorns that have their origins in Bangalore, it only makes sense that this city attracts an influx of talent across different fields with digital media and marketing being one of them

Data Analytics in Bangalore

Bangalore is a place where technology is evolving rapidly & data analytics is a part of that evolution process. As need for analysis is growing along with that the need for these companies is also growing. Gradually the data analytics companies are becoming lifelines for the rest of the tech based companies to help them in processing data and that in turn is contributing in the growth of Bangalore as a whole.

1. Cartesian Consulting Founded – 2009

Cartesian Consulting is a global analytics services firm specializing in customer, marketing and business analytics. They help brands across the world improve revenues and margins by helping them better utilize their data for business decisions and marketing interventions. They have worked with brands in various sectors such as brands in Retail, QSR, Financial Services, Telecom, eCommerce, and Hospitality

  • Employees 51-200

  • Location -Bangalore, Chicago & San Jose

  • Services – Analytics Solutions , Data Engineering ,Business Intelligence

2. MuSigma Founded – 2004

MuSigma is one of the world’s largest pure-play Big Data Analytics and Decision Sciences companies with a Unicorn status in the US. They have worked with more than 140 Fortune 500 companies through a unique ecosystem that brings together People, Processes, and Platforms. They have been recognized by Walmart as their Supplier of the Year on 4 separate occasions, and as the preferred analytics partner by Microsoft. Founded in 2004, they offer services like Risk Analytics, Retail Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Big Data, Internet of Things, Decision Sciences, and Data Sciences. Some of their clients are Standard Chartered, American Express, Reliance Industries, Nobroker.in, etc.

  • Employees 1001-5000

  • Location-Bangalore, Sydney & Northbrook

  • Services – Big Data , Analytics , Internet of Things (IoT)

3. Latent View Founded – 2006

LatentView Analytics is a leading global analytics and decision sciences provider, delivering solutions that help companies drive digital transformation and use data to gain a competitive advantage. The firm specializes in Predictive Modeling, Marketing Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Web Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications. LatentView Analytics is a trusted partner to enterprises worldwide, including more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies in the Retail, Energy, Financial Services, Technology and Healthcare sectors. It was listed in Gartner’s Market guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers 2018 and Deloitte Fast50 for nine consecutive years. (2009-2017)

  • Employees 501-1000

  • Location – Bangalore, London & San Jose

  • Services – Business Analytics , Data Engineering , Artificial Intelligence

4. Tredence Analytics Founded – 2013

Tredence is one of the best Big Data Analytics companies in Bangalore, focused on services like Data Visualization, Business Intelligence Solutions, Advanced Analytics, Tableau Services, Analytics Consulting, Big Data Set-up, Machine Learning, and Data Management. The firm’s high-growth record since inception has helped them gain recognition in Inc. 5000 for the last three consecutive years as one of the fastest growing analytics companies in the US. Silicon Valley Business Journal ranked them 5th among the fastest growing private companies in Silicon Valley in 2018. They were also named ‘Bootstrap Champs’ at the Economic Times Start-up Awards, 2018.

  • Employees – 11-50

  • Location – Bangalore, Sydeney

  • Services – Marketing Analytics , Customer Journey Analytics , Big Data Analytics

5. Fractal Analytics Founded – 2000

Fractal Analytics is one of the best Big Data Analytics companies in Bangalore. Founded in 2000, the firm is one of the most prominent players in the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence space. Its offerings include Marketing Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Forecasting, Customer Lifetime Value, Pricing & Promotions Optimization, Consumer Insights, Customer Lifecycle Management, Customer Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Integrated Marketing Effectiveness, Data Science, and Behavioral Science. Fractal has been featured as a leader in the Customer Analytics Service Providers Wave™ 2019 by Forrester Research, and recognized as an “Honorable Vendor” in 2019 magic quadrant for data & analytics by Gartner

  • Employees 1001-5000

  • Location – Bangalore, Singapore & New York

  • Services – Business Analytics , Artificial Intelligence , Forecasting

6. Moody’s Analytics Founded – 2007

Moody’s Analytics is a subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation established in 2007 to focus on non-rating activities, separate from Moody’s Investors Service. It provides economic research regarding risk, performance and financial modeling, as well as consulting, training and software services. Its offerings include Credit Risk, Risk Management, Economic Analysis and Forecasting, Consulting, and Training and Certification. The firm is recognized for its industry-leading solutions, comprising research, data, software and professional services, assembled to deliver a seamless customer experience. Thousands of organizations worldwide have made it their trusted partner because of its uncompromising commitment to quality, client service, and integrity.

  • Employees 5001-10000

  • Location – Bangalore, London & New York

  • Services – Economic Analysis & Forecasting, Consulting , Financial Intelligence Solutions

7. Alten Calsoft Labs Founded – 1992

Alten Calsoft Labs is a top Big Data Analytics company and a part of Alten Group, offering next-gen digital transformation, enterprise IT and product engineering services. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in California, the company enables clients to innovate, integrate, and transform their business by leveraging disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Machine Learning, Mobility, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing and Enablement, SAP Oracle Netsuite, Internet of Things (IoT), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Blockchain, and Software-Defined Networking. It serves industries like Education, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Telecom, Networking, Retail, Semiconductor, and Hospitality.

  • Employees 1001-5000

  • Location – Bangalore, London & Santa Clara

  • Services – Oracle Enterprise Application , Big Data Analytics & Consulting , Digital Transformation

8. Brillio Founded – 2014

Brillio is a global leader in Big Data and Digital Business Transformation, applying technology with a human touch. It helps businesses define internal and external transformation objectives, and translate those objectives into actionable market strategies using proprietary technologies. With 2600+ experts and 13 offices worldwide, Brillio is the ideal partner for enterprises that want to quickly increase their core business productivity, and achieve a competitive edge, with the latest digital solutions. It offers services such as Mobility Consulting & Solutions, Big Data & Analytics Consulting & Solutions, Utilities IT Services, Cloud Architecture Consulting & Solutions, Digital Transformation, Product Engineering, Design-led Business Transformation, and Front Office Transformation.

  • Employees 1001-5000

  • Location – Bangalore, Los Angeles & London

  • Services – Big Data & Analytics Consulting , Business Transformation , Cloud Architecture Consulting

9. Hashedin Founded – 2010

HashedIn, a company founded in the year 2010, is a services company focused on building SaaS products and design-led product engineering. Leveraging its SaaS development expertise, HashedIn has been transforming enterprises using its cutting-edge technology by bringing in Multi-tenancy, cloudification, next-gen UI/UX, and modularity. It offers services like Data Engineering and Management, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The firm is an Advanced Consulting Partner with 100+ AWS Certified Engineers, Salesforce Consulting partner with expertise on their Heroku platform, and an official RedisLabs Partners and the only technology service providers from the Asia Pacific.

  • Employees 501-1000

  • Location – Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur & Santa Clara

  • Services – Data Engineering , IoT Driven Systems , Machine Learning

10. Briskon Founded – 2005

Briskon is a leading software firm based out of Bangalore. Founded in 2005, it is a highly process-driven organization with extensive experience of working with renowned companies. The young and vibrant team of Briskon consists of highly skilled managers, analysts, designers, developers and QA personnel. Their unerring commitment to quality and continuous learning to stay abreast of the latest technologies enables them to consistently deliver customer delight. Their offerings include Software Application Development, Customer Relationship Management, Web solutions, Intranet, Mobile App Development, E-commerce, Digital Transformation, iOS Development, Enterprise Mobility, Auction Software, and Digital Marketing.

  • Employees 11-50

  • Location – Bangalore & Texas

  • Services – CRM Solutions , Mobile App Development , Digital Transformation


Although both data science and data analytics deal with analysing and interpreting data, their objectives and methods vary. Data analytics is a more specialised subject that uses data to address particular business challenges, whereas data science is a more comprehensive field that works with all aspects of data, from collection and processing to analysis and modelling.

The value of data analytics certificates in showcasing your skill in data analysis and interpretation relies on the particular job needs and your career objectives. For those seeking to further their careers or break into the data analytics industry, certifications might be helpful. They may be able to show potential employers that you are proficient and knowledgeable in data analytics principles, tools, and procedures. Additionally,
certifications can improve your chances of getting hired or promoted by helping you stand out from other applicants

Cartesian Consulting, MuSigma, Latent View are few of the top data analytics companies in Bangalore among others.

Some factors to keep in mind while choosing the right fit for yourself include expertise, technology used, industry experience, reputation, data security, cost and communication.

Some potential risks or downsides to working with a recruitment agency include miscommunication, lack of transparency, and high fees. To mitigate these risks, it’s important to establish clear expectations and open communication with the agency. Additionally, businesses can do their due diligence when choosing a recruitment agency, by researching their reputation, experience, and track record.

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