Heckyl Technologies Founded - 2010

Heckyl aims to be a global leader in the space of information analytics for worldwide financial markets.Heckyl connects decision makers in business, finance and government to a broad and dynamic network of information, news, people and ideas enabling faster, more effective decisions. Heckyl Provides real time financial information, news analytics and heatmaps.

  •  N.A
  • Employees 51-200
  • Location - Mumbai
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Analytics on Derivative Data

Cartesian Consulting Founded - 2009

Cartesian Consulting is a global analytics services firm specializing in customer, marketing and business analytics. They help brands across the world improve revenues and margins by helping them better utilize their data for business decisions and marketing interventions. They have worked with brands in various sectors such as brands in Retail, QSR, Financial Services, Telecom, eCommerce, and Hospitality

  •   N.A
  • Employees 51-200
  • Location - Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Dallas, Singapore
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics

Quantiphi Founded - 2013

Quantiphi is a category defining 'Applied AI' and 'Machine Learning' software and services company focused on helping organizations translate the big promise of artificial intelligence & machine learning technologies into quantifiable business impact. Quantiphi helps clients find and capture hidden value from data through a unique blend of business acumen, big-data, machine learning and intuitive information design.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 201-500
  • Location - Mumbai
  • Big Data
  • Decision Science
  • Predictive Analytics

Think Analytics Founded - 2014

Think Analytics is a young startup at the intersection of data, analytics, business and technology. They help with end-to-end analytics solutions and services to clients. They help clients traverse the challenge of variety of data, data integration, and insights management, well before they undertake the journey to become a Big Data driven differentiator in the marketplace

  •   N.A
  • Employees - 51-200
  • Location - Mumbai
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization

Impetus Founded - 2008

Impetus is focused on creating big business impact through big data solutions for Fortune 1000 enterprises. The company offers a unique mix of software products, consulting services, data science capabilities, and technology expertise. Leverage their big data solutions for automated warehouse transformation, real-time streaming and batch analytics and rapid application development on Spark.

  •   Rs 21,000 - 1,68,000
  • Employees 1000-5000
  • Location - Mumbai, Delhi
  • Big Data
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Analytics

Fractal Analytics  Founded - 2000

Founded in 2000, Fractal Analytics is a strategic analytics partner to the most admired Fortune 500 companies globally and helps them power every human decision in the enterprise by bringing analytics & AI to the decision-making process.

Fractal has more than 1,200 consultants spread across 15 global locations including the United States, UK and India. Fractal has been featured as a leader in the Customer Analytics Service Providers Wave 2017 by Forrester Research.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 1000-5000
  • Location - Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Forecasting

Sibia Analytics Founded - 2013

SIBIA Analytics and Consulting Pvt. Ltd., creates innovative analytics solutions with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art predictive models to provide decision-enabling applications for businesses across industries in the marketing, sales, and customer intelligence domain. SIBIA works closely with industry leaders engaged in sundry domains for companies within the retail, CG, BFSI, ecommerce, and digital media.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Mumbai, Kolkata
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Econometrics

Brillio Founded - 2014

Brillio, a global technology consulting and business solutions company, enables the successful digital transformation of businesses by utilizing disruptive technologies to create new customer experiences, achieve cost efficiencies, and gain competitive advantage with speed and agility. Brillio brings business expertise to clients in the Banking and Finance, Utilities, CPG, Retail, Technology, Media and Entertainment industries

  •  N.A
  • Employees 1000-5,000
  • Location - Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi
  • Big Data
  • Analytics Consulting
  • Cloud Architecture Consulting

Hansa Cequity Founded - 2008

Cequity is a data-driven, technology-enabled marketing consulting company. They use data for informed strategy and help companies acquire, engage, manage and retain their customers optimally by building intelligent, intuitive and real-time customer experiences. Their solutions in the market bring client’s boardroom strategies to life via offerings around Customer Experience Led Consulting, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Multi-channel Campaign Management, Loyalty Management solutions, Creative Services and Customer Relationship Centres.

  • N.A
  • Employees 201-500
  • Location - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai
  • Analytical Marketing
  • Data Management
  • Customer Analytics

Credence Analytics Founded - 1993

Credence Analytics is an International software solution provider. The strength of Credence Analytics is its strong domain expertise in the areas of Treasury, Investment Management and Risk Management. The Firm Strongly believes that its role goes beyond providing software solution by actively implementing the solution and advising.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 201-500
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbot
  • Analytics


The city that never sleeps and the New York of the east is one of the most booming cities in India. The essence of modernization and liberalization of the country is perfectly captured in Mumbai. Being the epic center of business operations of all major countries in India, Mumbai houses some of the biggest industries like Healthcare, IT, Films and Media. In the 21st century, the growth of the digital economy is 10 times more than the regular economy and industries engaging in this, have experienced twice as much growth as compared to the other industries.

Data Analytics in Mumbai

The economic capital of India also marks presence of many Data analytics based companies, As the city is growing in all aspects, Data analytics companies plays an important role in contributing to its growth. These firms are rising rapidly in the conducive atmosphere of this city and at the same time adding strength to the corporate structure of the city by making its work easier and more effective.