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List of Top PR Agencies in India

India, the largest democracy and the second most populated country in the world is home to almost 1.3 billion people. So, it is safe to say without a doubt that talent & ideas are embedded in every nook and corner of the nation. Gamers, coders & product developers, skilled artisans, craftsmen, businessmen and startup enthusiasts, there are Indians flourishing in every field and striving in their own ways to leave an imprint on the global market.

Amidst all the chaotic competition, it’s the PR agencies in India that propel these business minds towards the path of success. It is the top PR firms in India that work day in and day out to manage the information that spreads between these businesses and the common public. And again it’s these top PR companies in India that ensure the reputation of these businesses and their brands remain intact. Edelman, AdFactors PR, Ketchum and Team Lewis are some of the best PR agencies in India with their branches across several metros and important cities. Having received recognition from prestigious firms like PR Awards Asia and SABRE Awards Asia, the top 10 PR companies in India cater to numerous verticals across industries including healthcare, sports & education, telecommunications and banking & financial services. Be it the best PR agency in India or simply an emerging PR firm, with its services like performance communication, public relations, crisis & risk communication, branding and corporate reputation, it assures to implement the plan devised by the company to mitigate projected business risks and supports these businesses in their vision to serve a larger community as a whole.