Best WordPress Development Companies Bangalore 2024

Are you looking out for the best WordPress development companies in Bangalore? Are you struggling with questions like whether The WordPress website is SEO friendly? Don’t worry; We have got you covered. In this article, we will talk about the best web development companies in Bangalore.

The process of starting from scratch to create a website or web application is called web development. Although web development companies use many programming languages and frameworks, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the most common. Websites can be personal or business-related, informational or entertainment-oriented. Their common objective is to make visitors find what they’re looking for. The top web development firms in Bangalore provide this as one of their services.

Web development is now a crucial component of every company’s online presence. A small business that wants to enhance its website or expand its e-commerce presence can benefit from web development. Before we continue, here are the top WordPress development companies in Bangalore if you’re looking for a reputable web development company.

Our Top Pick

Best Overall – Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers Digital is the top WordPress development company in Bangalore. They offer WordPress development services at reasonable prices. In addition, their WordPress website development team builds firm, reliable hybrid websites. 

List Of Best WordPress Development Companies In Bangalore

Here is a glance at all the best WordPress Development companies in Bangalore (2023):

S No. Companies
1 Growth Hackers
2 Eflair
3 GeekyAnts
4 appinessWorld
5 Pepper Square
6 Code Wave
7 Big App Company
8 Ulpep
9 Simplileap
10 appscrip

1. Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers Digital is the best WordPress development company in Bangalore. It is a multi-award-winning performance marketing company that seeks to solve issues concerning growth. This performance marketing firm is committed to solving the short- and long-term growth problems that funded startups and M.N.C.s encounter. Their skills in lead generation, content marketing, improving C.A.C. & R.O.A.S., and organic growth have helped a lot of businesses.

2. Eflair

Eflair is yet another top WordPress development company. It is a company that creates web and mobile applications, and its specialties are logical design and extensible code. eFlair is a dynamic solutions provider that specializes in web and mobile application design, development, and marketing. They serve as your one-stop shop for all your needs, from conception to marketing success.

3. GeekyAnts

The GeekyAnts is a design and development company that specializes in creating web and mobile solutions that spur innovation and change businesses and people’s lives. The dynamic and inventive world of technology drives us forward.

Their commitment to developing the tech workforce to support the development community hasn’t changed, even though they have expanded our offerings to meet the changing needs of their software engineering clients.

4. appiness world

A product development and user experience company with offices in Bangalore, AppinessWorld specializes in digital services for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. They don’t reinvent anything or do anything new.

AppinessWorld develops an extensive online soul for a brand. Through various digital media platforms, such as the web, mobile devices, and wearable technology, it extends digital products that infiltrate the public sphere and engage the targeted customers of our clients all over the world.

5. Pepper Square

Pepper Square is a creative digital expert who works with clients to uncover opportunities, gauge what matters, and create exceptional digital experiences for the top brands in the world.

They focus on providing the most significant value by fusing creativity and technology.

6. Code Wave

Codewave is a design-thinking-driven company specializing in digital innovation, new product development, and value design. To introduce design thinking to India and establish an organization that functions like a social network, Codewave was established in May 2013. Their most significant impact has so far been on how people are approached.

With transparency, empathy, and peer comfort at the heart of all our interactions, internally and externally, Codewave loves working in clusters like a buzzing social network, encouraging teamwork and local decisions.

7. Big App Company

A group of highly skilled web and mobile app experts, Big App Company, provides excellent and reasonably priced web and mobile app solutions. Since 2008, it has made clients happy by working closely with them and thoroughly comprehending their requirements, which results in successful execution.

Their enduring passion for technological advancement fuels our highest coding standards. Additionally, they don’t employ pushy salespeople who try to push every conceivable product.

8. Uipep

Uipep assists you in assembling and leading a group of top-notch developers to realize your vision. They have worked with startups, software product development firms, digital agencies, and enterprises for more than five years to help simplify their I.T. outsourcing experience and lower costs/time-to-market. As a result, web, mobile, and app development are all very reasonably priced at Uipep for both large and small businesses. 

9. Simplileap

Simplileap Digital L.L.P. is a digital agency that offers web design services. Development of web and mobile applications, UI/UX, graphic design, and services for digital marketing. They create custom websites and digital solutions that (R.I.S.E) reach, impact, sell, and empower your company. Furthermore, it ensures that the designs and solutions offered are affordable and customized for your business’s problems.

10. Appscrip

Appscrip brings together all the popular business models, including social, on-demand, shopping, discovery, chat, and booking, so you can focus more on pleasing your customers and expanding your business and less time setting up your technology. With a 120+ person internal team, it currently produces more than 350 apps annually that, if developed manually, would take roughly 6 to 9 months to complete. 

Key Features of WordPress Web Development

Are you having trouble estimating the price of a WordPress website? Some characteristics of WordPress web development include the following:

1. Mobile Responsive

WordPress supports responsive website designs. Responsive design is currently one of every website’s top features because everyone wants a website that works with tablets and mobile devices. Therefore, it becomes crucial for businesses to use the WordPress Framework when designing websites.

2. Speed

The Visibility button is located in the bottom right corner of the widget editing window. Set the preferences, too; for instance, display (or hide) a device on a particular page, category, tag, or author page. It’s a valuable tool that gives you more control over what a reader sees when they view a page.

3. Plugins

Do you use free plugins for WordPress? All users of WordPress can access a wide range of features. For each part, there is a plugin directory with thousands of plugins. Even though you can find these plugins elsewhere, WordPress plugins match the overall theme, support seamless installation, and save time and effort.

4. SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization is a feature of the WordPress framework. Due to WordPress’s optimization of search engines, SEO Pack is the most widely used plugin. There are many SEO plugins available.

5. Upgrade & Support

Since WordPress is the most popular open-source C.M.S. on the internet, it has a sizable supportive community. You can ask any question on the support forums, and other forum users will answer and help you. There are also WordPress blog posts and tutorials available.

WordPress is the top choice for developers looking for a C.M.S. or website framework online because of its extensive feature set. I.Q. Infotech has developed and created a sizable number of working websites using WordPress. I.Q. Infotech is still a pioneer in this industry thanks to its skilled designers and developers.

6. Theme Customisation

Custom content types are yet another exciting aspect of WordPress web development. By creating custom post types, you can separate your custom content types from your standard posts. Different post types are already built into WordPress and are available for use. A list of some of them is provided below.

  • Blog entries
  • Menus for navigating
  • Revisions/Pages
  • Attachments

How to Choose WordPress Development Services

You should keep in mind these factors before choosing a WordPress development service:

1. Search Engine Friendly

The WordPress development service ought to be optimized for search engines. The sole factor in your Page’s ability to rank well on Google and stand out is it.

2. Stable And Advanced

Before selecting a WordPress development service, you should check to see if it is stable and cutting-edge. To compete in the modern world, you must choose WordPress development that is cutting edge.

3. Cost-effective

A free version of the program can be downloaded from However, purchasing a domain name and paying for web hosting is necessary to save money.

4. Personalised Website

Website personalization is the process of giving website visitors unique experiences. With website personalization, businesses can offer visitors distinctive experiences catered to their needs and preferences rather than a single, generic experience. Therefore, pick the company that gives you customized website service.

5. Simplicity

Last but not least, you should pick WordPress development services that are simple and user-friendly.

Things That Make WordPress Development Outstanding And Advantages Of Having WordPress Development Website

Do you use WordPress to build websites? The following are some advantages of having a WordPress development website:

  1. Simple to Use: WordPress is easy to set up, use, and administer. WordPress’s core platform was created using several coding languages, but you don’t need to be a pro to use it.
  2. SEO: WordPress makes search engine optimization more efficient. Header tags and keywords are simple to add to a business’s website. It also offers several plugins, including Yoast SEO, to help you manage your SEO campaigns.
  3. Open-Source Software: WordPress is owned by nobody in particular. Therefore, it can be used and is available to everyone.
  4. Free: The program is available from without cost. But paying for a domain name and web hosting will be expensive.
  5. Support: You can upload files in various formats to the WordPress platform, including images, audio, video, and documents. Support is provided for even the lesser-known media types.
  6. Customizable: Themes for WordPress development can typically be modified. The layout and design of the website can be changed because more complex WordPress themes work more like page builders.
  7. Extendable: Programmers from all over the world work together to expand the capabilities of the software. These community contributors are constantly modifying and enhancing the platform’s environment. Developers can choose from a wide variety of themes and plugins, or they can design their own.

Why Do You Need WordPress Website Development Services?

You require the following WordPress website development services:

1. Open Source Free To Use

The platform’s source code is easy to modify and distribute and is freely available and used by WordPress. Additionally, you can use a variety of platform plugins for your custom website’s pages to collect data and optimize it for search engines like Yoast.

2. Enormous Community Support

WordPress is more popular than ever in 2022, so learn it! As of January 2022, WordPress was powering almost 40% of all websites. Additionally, it has gone up 5% since this time last year. WordPress’s simplicity and adaptability make it the best platform for building various types of websites. 

3. Widely Used C.M.S.

Popular open-source content management system WordPress (C.M.S.). Although it was primarily used for personal blogs at first, it is now utilized by a wide range of websites, including expert publications and e-commerce platforms. There are numerous C.M.S. in use, some of which include:

  • WordPress (30+ Million Live Websites)
  • Wix (7+ Million Live Websites)
  • Shopify (3.7+ Million Live Websites)
  • Progress Sitefinity
  • Squarespace (2.7+ Million Live Websites)
  • Joomla

4. SEO-Friendly URLs

It’s essential to define an SEO Friendly URL before delving too deeply into WordPress permalinks. Keywords that describe the article are included in SEO-friendly URLs, and people and search engines can easily understand them. Additionally, they increase your potential for higher search engine rankings.

5. Easy To Install And Deploy

WordPress made it simple to install the solution, either locally or in a c-panel. The majority of well-known hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installation. However, when building a local site, you must rely on a localhost webserver solution to create a database and save your files.

6. Frequent Updates With WordPress Version

Significant updates are made two to three times per year to the WordPress core installation files. There are occasional minor updates. Themes, plugins, and server-side PHP are all updated shortly after a W.P. core update, or the developers improve the functionality.

7. Themes

An assortment of files (graphics, style sheets, and code) known as a WordPress theme determines how your blog or website will appear. The colors of your hyperlinks and your website’s layout can be controlled by themes.

8. Plugins

When customers or potential customers visit your company’s website, testimonials are a crucial marketing tool to motivate them with their excellent qualities. You get some comments from happy customers on your custom pages. It integrates the products and services through plugins and their sales strategies. Additionally, it raises the caliber of your brand and encourages clients to get in touch with you.

How Does WordPress Website Help Your Business?

The most widely used Content Management System (C.M.S.) is WordPress. 38% of all websites, both from large and small businesses, are powered by it.

You can use it to build, manage, and scale any type of website for your small business, including a personal blog, an online store, and others. It is also open-source and free, so anyone can use it and constantly receives updates from different developers worldwide.

1. Quick And Simple Setup

You can quickly and easily install WordPress with just a few mouse clicks to download and upload files to your hosting account. In addition, your C.M.S. interface with all its features will soon be accessible to you.

Additionally, many hosting companies provide automated WordPress installations. This means you can start using your new C.M.S. with just one click, speeding up the process even further.

2. Integration of Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to monitor various website-related data points and increase the effectiveness of your small business.

As a result, you can use WordPress for small business websites and take advantage of all the features offered by Google Analytics to discover more about your visitors and business outcomes. Furthermore, installing and using it doesn’t require any technical expertise.

3. Friendly User Interface

WordPress’s user-friendly interface contributes to its enormous popularity. Its menus and settings are simple to locate and comprehend, which is crucial for small businesses that lack the resources or time to learn complicated systems.

You can quickly find what you’re looking for using the navigational links in the left sidebar. In addition, most of your settings have a brief description explaining what they do when browsing. WordPress also has a visual editor that lets you see your changes immediately.

4. Helpful Support Network

There may be times when, while managing your small business, you have questions about using WordPress but not enough time to conduct in-depth research.

Fortunately, WordPress has an official support community where you can post your queries and comments and interact with other users and developers.

How to Choose WordPress Development Services

You need to keep in mind these factors before choosing a WordPress development service in Bangalore:

1. Search Engine Friendly

By default, is very search engine friendly. However, to control how visitors find you through search engines, you might decide to add more optimization to your website or blog. This manual offers advice on SEO, also known as search engine optimization.

2. Stable And Advanced

You need a strong and advanced WordPress to compete in the market. Therefore, users should update version 5.6.2 for the best performance and security.

3. Cost- Effectiveness

The affordability of a WordPress development service should also be taken into account. It will help if you keep an eye out for reasonable fees for the work.

4. Personalised Website

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a WordPress development service provider is website personalization for WordPress, which lets you show each visitor their website version based on their location, characteristics, and preferences.

5. Simplicity

Finally, WordPress’ ease of use and simplicity go a long way to help. The WordPress website has more than 10,000 web designs and the best free WordPress themes. Premium, responsive, and easily editable with Drag and Drop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the best WordPress development companies in Bangalore:

1. Why should you build your website using WordPress?           

You should build your website using WordPress because of the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Smart integrations
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • User friendly
  • SEO-friendly

2. Does the WordPress website allows me to edit everything easily?    

If you are editing a page, then yes:

To view all pages, select Post. Next, choose the Page you want to edit, click the title or the word “Edit” (which appears when the mouse hovers over the title), and make the necessary changes.

3. When We upgrade to a new WordPress website, what happens to the existing one?

Users will still be able to see your website during the update, but you won’t be able to add new plugins or themes. Instead, you’ll be returned to the WordPress welcome screen once the update is finished.


When WordPress has a wealth of features, you will need the right team to extract the gold. Investing in custom WordPress development ensures your WordPress website’s security, SEO friendliness, scalability, and success. Make sure you don’t let your WordPress expectations cloud your judgment. Choose the best WordPress website development company in India today.


WordPress development companies in Bangalore offer a range of services, including website design and development, theme customization, plugin development, website maintenance and support, e-commerce development, and search engine optimization (SEO). They can also provide consulting and strategy services to help businesses optimize their WordPress websites for their specific needs and goals.

The time required to develop a WordPress website with a development company in Bangalore will depend on various factors such as the complexity of the website, the scope of the project, the level of customization required, and the availability of content and resources. A basic WordPress website can typically be developed within a few weeks, while more complex projects may take several months.

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