Best Digital Agency aims to be your go-to platform for agencies that you are looking for in your city. We carefully comb through and compile a list of agencies that we think will be best suited to customers’ needs. Of course we believe that this process should be transparent and the customers should be made aware of what parameters are used to pick the websites that we think need to be featured on the list.

We try our best to present to you a list of carefully curated agencies who might be able to meet your needs. We follow these parameters in order to be fair and unbiased in our selection as well as provide the best of the list to you.

Following are the Parameters We Use to Choose the Best Digital Agencies

Google Reviews

Google Reviews are an integrated feature within Google My Business and Google Maps. They allow customers to publicly post a review on Google about their experience with a business and its service and products. Google reviews are a very important tool for any business as that lets potential customers understand the pros and cons of the business. Thus it allows plays an important role for us to decide on what agencies should be listed here.

Client List & Testimonial

Seeing what type of clients an agency works with helps give an idea of their scale of operations and services being offered. A client list is usually also indicative of the persona of the agency and helps understand their ethics and work culture. Testimonials from clients are also an important factor for us to determine how good an agency is. Reviews from the clients are the first step in showing how happy the client is with the agency and is a testament to their work ethic and quality. Both client lists and client testimonials help us in picking the right agencies.

Linedkin Profiles

In today’s digital world it is as necessary for companies to have digital profiles as it is for individuals. LinkedIn profiles help build a professional network and position the brand as a thought leader in its space. An updated LinkedIn profile gives us an insight into the minds of the people working at the company and their opinions and views. A company that actively shares articles, their work and thoughts is seen to be more forward and proactive and hence is something we look at when picking agencies.


The website of a company is like the face of the company. Companies without websites are seen as less credible. A website plays an important role in helping us determine what services the company offers and what sort of clients they have. It allows consumers to see what your brand is all about. The website helps position the brand a certain way with respect to the competitors as well. Websites that are replete with case studies, achievement, and content in the form of blogs or whitepapers are seen as more credible. Hence, websites and their content are an important factor in choosing the agency.

Industry Certifications

As important are client testimonials, so are industry certifications and accreditations. Being associated with a well-known industry body helps cement the brand’s quality of services. For example being a Hubspot Certified Partner, Google Premier Partner or being featured on The Holmes Report etc are indicative of how the company functions. These help place these agencies a notch above the others which is why this is something we consider as well.

Published Case Studies & Work

While it is important to see who the agency works with, how the clients feel about them and what awards they have won, eventually the most important factor is the work they do. It is hard to understand the work of a company by just browsing the website hence we place a certain level of importance on published case studies and work that highlight the objectives and solutions of a particular campaign or project. This helps us identify innovative companies who think outside the box for a variety of clients.