Growth Hackers Digital Founded - 2017

A team of growth hackers working together as a strong force with one single purpose of building a distinctive online presence of their clients. Growing rapidly in the industry and helping start-ups & brands to grow in the digital space. Some of those names are Moonwalkr, Zaplye, Universal Robots, Decathlon and many more.

  •   50,000+
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore, Mumbai
  • Website design
  • UI/UX Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

eFlair Founded - 2012

eFlair is one stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. one of the leading agency in Bangalore for web design & development. Being a reliable agency using their regular strategic planning quality analysis to keep optimizing. With their years of experience & skills they are continuously satisfying their client base across the Bangalore and beyond it.

  • N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Digital Marketing
  • Android Development
  • Web Development

IND GLOBAL Founded - 2008

One of the best web design agency in Bangalore, trusted by big brands. Strong team of experienced professional, serving in all different aspects of digital marketing and focused in UI/UX design. They have in depth insight into the industry to provide reliable solutions for all your web designing needs. Chosen by Unilever, BYJU's, L&T, Jockey, Decathlon and many more.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 51-200
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Website design & development
  • E-commerce
  • UI/UX design

Logic heart Founded - 2008

Logic heart is an ISO certified company with more than 11 years of experience in website design & development. Their expertise in software development allows them to work with AI, IoT & Block chain. Having 385+ clients and 1200+ projects across the world. Names of their include at&t, UNICEF, Sears, 3A super duty and many more.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Web development
  • Mobile App development
  • Software development

Lucid design India Founded - 2006

One thing they assure is giving you a world class design. Telling a singular story using form, color & materials. Fresh perspectives & sustainable designs is what they use to satisfy their clients in the long run. You can engage with them in different ways like Project based, Design partnerships & Pro-active method. Famous names they've worked with are Intel, Britannia, Nike & Mobstac.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Product design
  • Branding & Identity
  • Graphic design

Mad About Digital Founded - 2014

As the name suggests, if you're looking for a set of people working aggressively to achieve what they consider as beneficial for their clients. They set ideas into motion and work tirelessly until they make it happen. They also got a chance to promote Festa De Diu - Asia's longest beach festival. Some of their clients are VOI Jeans, SLK Software & Corner House ice creams.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 2-10
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Web design & development
  • Social media management
  • Creative design

Mccann Founded - 1902 (New York)

Mccann is a big player in digital space spread across nations. Serving reputed clients around the world. Offices in India include Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & Mumbai. International clients are Verizon, Mastercard, Microsoft, L'oreal, Coca-coal and more.

  •   N.A
  • Employees --
  • Location - Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai & Delhi
  • Web design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising

Dotline Web Media Founded - 2001

A vast pool of IT professionals working together to help the brands in web development and all the related services. Their approach is to understanding what the client needs and act accordingly. Awarded by Design Firms web design award. The companies they're serving are Baehal software,Carya consulting, Constana cosmetics etc.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Logo Design

Nummero Founded - 2010

Nummero is one of the growing web design agency of Bangalore. They work on different aspects of digital marketing like design & development of websites & digital marketing consultants. They have served well known brands like Toyota, Philips, Ample, Decathlon & Manipal global etc.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Website & E commerce

Nexevo Technologies Founded - 2012

One of the best web design agency among digital agencies in Bangalore. Their Unique Selling Point is Self-Update Console or CMS (Content Management System) which allows to make suitable changes whenever required. Services offered by them are E-commerce solutions, Unique Design, Joomla, HTML5 & WordPress development. Their clients include Asian heart institute, Skiva, Source now & Health5C.

  •  N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore
  • E commerce Solution
  • Unique Design
  • Joomla & WordPress Development

Zweezle Media Founded - 2014

One of the fastest growing agency in Bangalore. They're on a journey to bring the brands into the lives of people by Branding, Designing and various other services. Some of the names who trust Zweezle are Reliance, UBER, 3M, Bosch, L&T technologies and more.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Branding & Advertising
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Video Production

Vivanta Technologies Founded - 2012

A web development agency in Bangalore offering variety of services with 5+ years of experience in digital world. With single focused on exceeding customer expectations using the advanced technologies. Their satisfied clients are Metric stream, SLK, IAMPL & Sefee.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Web Portal Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Apps Development

Vispara Technosoft Founded - 2017

Vispara offers cost effective services for web designs & website development with feature rich, easy to customize & good performance based solutions. They give 24/7 customer support for a quick resolution of issues. Clients are Schneider electric, Pearson, Stemstech, Green chef & more.

  •   N.A
  • Employees 11-50
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Software Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Application Development


Known around the world as the “Silicon Valley Of India”, Bangalore is the perfect place where businesses thrive. The fast-beating heart of India which is ranked as the most dynamic city in the world is more than just its breathtaking infrastructure and lush green gardens. It is the city where the next disruptive idea is being created.

From multi-billion dollar startups that have capitalized markets to unicorns that have their origins in Bangalore, it only makes sense that this city attracts an influx of talent across different fields with digital media and marketing being one of them

Web Designing in Bangalore

Bangalore, a city known for its refreshing climate and a home for high tech industries. A city still and peaceful in its core but dancing on the surface. This capital of Karnataka – an exuberant state, where people start their day with a Rangoli. This is a perfect place for the best Web Design agencies of the world.